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Thank You


It is impossible to express how grateful we are to have the support and encouragement of the South Fayette Board of Education. The members of the board believe in our students and encourage the students of South Fayette School District to be creative thinkers and innovators of tomorrow. The software development team was able to travel to Pepperdine University in Los Angeles because of their generosity and most importantly, because of their vision for excellence in education. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to: William Newcomer, PresidentTeresa Burroughs, Vice President; Leonard Fornella; Alan Vezzi; Frank Morelli; Alexander Czaplicki; Todd Petrillo; Paul Brinsky; and William Sray.

We would also like to thank Dr. Bille Rondinelli, Superintendent of South Fayette School District for her unfailing dedication and commitment to developing leadership opportunities for our students and Dr. Michael Loughead, Assistant Superintendent for providing support and guidance along the way. Instrumental to this project was the support and input provided by Shad Wachter, Instructional Technology Assistant. We are so grateful for his assistance.  Together they make all things possible.

This project would not be possible without Dr. Ananda Gunawardena, Professor of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University. We are indebted to Dr. Gunawardena for many reasons. Most importantly because he took a chance on us. He gave up valuable time every week during the summer, to meet with the student team, providing guidance, project scheduling, his expertise and encouragement. Dr. Gunawardena helped our students take their skills to the next level and continues to support our team on an ongoing basis. We are forever grateful.

We were treated with such kindness and consideration by Dr. Eric Hamilton, Graduate School of Education and Psychology and Associate Dean of Education, Pepperdine University. He was a gracious host and a great ambassador for Pepperdine University as were his student hosts, Kaitlyn Ryan and Megan Brown. They truly made us feel welcome.

Please accept our thanks and appreciation,

Aileen Owens, Director of Technology and Innovation; Ben Kenawell; Radhir Kothuri, and Varun Thangavelu


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