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Project Overview


Flashcards: Teacher Training

Our student team worked from 8:00am – noon each day throughout the summer, meeting weekly with Professor Gunawardena, alternating between skype  conferences and site visits to CMU.  Students collaborated with the CMU Gunawardena through a social media site called Classroom Salon. The team exchanged information and posted updates through the site. When there were questions regarding programming code, the code was posted and reviewed to help with the problem solving. The South Fayette team was given their first assignment through the site. The assignment was to review an earlier version of the Tablet PC Flash Card program and determine how to improve upon the system and prepare a scope and sequence for completing their improvements. The software development team created a proposal and presented it to CMU during their first team meeting.  The improvements that the students suggested and are working to address are as follows: (1) align flash cards to Common Core Standards and align by Eligible Content Standards, (2) create two game modes in the deck; one for basic facts and the other for contextual math questions which will allow for word problems, (3) create a teacher dashboard that allows the teacher to create flash cards based on standards and with the ability to personalize student learning for each student, (4) create a student account that allows students to play the card deck delivered from the teacher’s account and to create their own unique card decks for their own individualized practice, (5) design the interface so that students can have immediate gratification for correct answers and teacher alerts to show when problems are incorrect, (6) students and teacher will have a record of their score and the amount of time it took to complete the card deck, and (7) the flash cards will include a motivational element which replicates some aspects of a video game though much less prominent.

Initial Project Proposal    Proposal_Integrating Standards-6-19-2012 (1)


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